Developing and selling functional coatings requires expertise and innovative excellence in the areas of non-stick, wear and abrasion resistance, and in properties such as gliding and conductivity. Our SynoFlon and SynoTec series of products offer unique advantages for these types of tasks.

NON-STICK COATINGS: for every function.

SynoFlon: 1-layer non-stick coating system with the property and performance profile of a 2-layer system for reduced labour and production costs while increasing process reliability.

: These functional coatings add real value to your industrial assets. Whether you wish to extend their service life and durability with our high abrasion-resistant SynoTec coatings or enhance your surfaces with antistatic, counterfeit protection or conductivity properties, with our non-stick coatings we have the solution that is right for you.
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e.g. SynoTec 7578 for
wear/non-stick and surface protection


e.g. SynoTec 7575 for
high abrasion-resistant, easy-to-clean surface protection


SynoFlon 1-layer non-stick coating for
grilling trays, baking tins, waffle irons



SYNOTEC Wear Resist Topcoat 7578

Topcoat for SYNOTEC high abrasion and wear resistant coating

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION 2-component coating system with excellent abrasion/impact resistance and non-stick property.

  • High-performance coating with excellent protection against abrasive loads, resistant to the effects of impact and shock, with non-stick property.
  • Excellent colour stability and chalking resistance, suitable for interior and exterior applications in industrial and maritime environments.
  • Forms a permanently elastic/resistant surface with non-stick property.
  • Universal, very good application properties (brushing, rolling, spraying).
  • Particularly fast curing time.
  • Economical application: 80-100 µm dry film thickness, can be applied in one operation.

Typical application

  • As a topcoat when combined with Primer 7577, the Synotec Wear Resist System offers unrivalled protection against abrasive and chemical influences, also with highly-effective non-stick properties suitable for machinery and plant construction.
  • Excellent as a wear and surface protection coating for excavator shovels, ploughshares, combine harvester apparatus, conveyor chutes and bulk containers.



SYNOTEC 1K Bonded Coating SL-7575

Polyurethane coating

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION 1-component high-performance polyacrylate-based coating with blocked isocyanate.

  • Ceramic reinforced and abrasion resistant due to special fluoropolymers.
  • Very good resistance to acetone and similar chemicals.
  • Forms a hard, abrasion-resistant and easy-to-clean surface.
  • Special flow behaviour prevents running during smooth film formation.
  • Consistent gloss, even with different layer thicknesses.
  • Excellent flow. Easy to apply.
  • Outstanding adhesion to iron, steel and aluminium surfaces.
  • Can be overcoated with 1K/2K topcoats (AK,PUR,EP) after curing if required.
  • Chemical cross-linking from approx. 120 °C.
  • Low thermal yellowing during baking.

Typical application

  • One-coat system for optically demanding, chemical-resistant, easy-to-clean metal surfaces exposed to mechanical loads, such as laboratory equipment, camera housings, fittings for outdoor use.



Synoflon non-stick coating

1-layer fluoropolymer

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION 1-layer high-performance non-stick fluoropolymer-based coating.

  • Thermal loads up to 250 °C, short-term up to 300 °C.
  • Excellent non-stick properties against almost all materials/substances.
  • High scratch, shock and impact resistance, high mechanical strength.
  • Very high chemical resistance to acids, alkalis, oils, etc.
  • Sterilisable, vapour-tight, wear-resistant, very good corrosion protection.
  • Possible in a range of colours.
  • Tested and approved for direct food contact.

Typical application

  • Baking tins, baking trays.
  • Sandwich makers, waffle irons.
  • Hair straighteners, machine knives.