Expert knowledge and know-how are elements in all of our specialised coating formulations. Whether you require a one-coat varnishes, a colourless protective sealant or a particularly surface-tolerant coating system, we have the answers to your questions and the solution for your coating challenge.

ONE-COAT VARNISHES: for special challenges.

Specialised products that are beyond the norm. We develop tailor-made coating systems and one-coat varnishes for selected niche markets and industry sectors. Our product portfolio in this area is as extensive as the demands of our customers.

Whether you want to solve an existing coating problem or are looking for a specialised coating with a particular property profile, our product development laboratory looks forward to the challenge. 
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e.g. 2K Monolayer SL-2238:
time-saving 2-component one-coat system


e.g. Aluminium sealant 966AV:
colourless sealant for non-ferrous metals


e.g. Poolskin: colourless protective sealant
for PVC and plastic surfaces



2K-Monolayer SL-2238

Polyurethane one-coat system

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION 2K self-priming polyurethane-based coating

  • Fast curing.
  • Very good direct adhesion on steel and non-ferrous metals.
  • Primer and topcoat in one single coating.
  • Excellent long-lasting corrosion protection.
  • Permanently elastic and resistant film formation.
  • Long-lasting gloss retention, colour stability and embrittlement resistance.
  • Scratch, shock and impact-resistant, resistant to high mechanical loads.

Typical application

  • Commercial vehicle and construction machinery industries.
  • For use on interior and exterior steel structures.
  • Engine and aggregate production.



2K Aluminium Sealant 966AV

Colourless protective coating

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Colourless 2K protective coating for aluminium and various other non-ferrous metals.

  • Outstanding adhesion to aluminium, zinc, V2A, brass and GFRP.
  • Superior UV resistance and gloss retention (QUV test >2,500 h on aluminium).
  • Permanently elastic and embrittlement resistant to permanent outdoor weathering.
  • Forms dirt-repellent, easy to clean surface.
  • Resistant to a range of cleaning agents, oils and greases.
  • Protection from yellowing, loss of gloss and colour as well as weathering.

Typical application

  • Colourless protective coating for exterior aluminium surfaces.
  • Colourless protective sealant for brass/zinc and V2A surfaces.




Colourless high-performance coating

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Colourless 2K protective sealant for elastically deformable plastics.

  • Outstanding adhesion to almost all elastomers and plastic surfaces.
  • Unsurpassed weather resistance.
  • Excellent water resistance, suitable for permanent immersion.
  • Highest permanent flexibility even at low temperatures.
  • UV-stabilised non-yellowing high gloss formulation.

Typical application

  • Protective coating for printed PVC films.
  • Protective coating for elastically deformable plastics, used in swimming pools and aquatic centre water slides and pool playgrounds.